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Welded Jewellery Chains at B51

If there’s one thing that B51ers love, it’s our wonderful choice of chains. B51 offer a variety of assorted styles to suit all tastes and the best part is… we cater for all budgets!

Is 14K gold filled your thing? Or do you love a little rose gold? Sterling silver has been a firm favourite from the early B51 days, and we are always looking to introduce new styles! And talking of, check out our special edition sterling silver chains “The Mo” and “Lil Mo”… they are super shiny and stunning to wear.

Sterling silver welded jewellery chains.

What we’re loving

Can’t decide whether to go gold or silver for your welded jewellery? Why not have both?! A hot choice at the moment is the Rolo chain – delicate but still sturdy! A two-tone blend of the Rolo sterling silver with the Rolo 14K gold filled is proving to be the in thing right now! Pop on our little gold sparkle starburst charm to finish it off and you have the perfect combo!

Talking of our bestselling gold filled starburst charm… we have finally located this charm in sterling silver… and it’s now in stock at both of our locations!

Our heart chains continue to be one of our bestsellers, which we offer in 3 different metals… gold filled, rose gold filled and sterling silver. And the good news is that we don’t just offer fine chains (if they aren’t your thing). Why not check out our heavy cable and other chunkier chains which work better for the not so delicate?

And don’t forget…

Remember that we also do anklets, rings, necklaces and double wrap chains… we have welded on jewellery for besties, soulmates, friends, family (for all occasions including weddings, engagements, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day), reaching goals, memories, reminders, birthdays and every other reason you can think of!

Then again, you don’t need a reason to get another piece of welded jewellery… so why not join some of our regular customers and start stacking yours?

Let’s talk pricing!

And if you’re wondering about price? We always try to keep our costs as reasonable as possible. The cost will depend on the style and metal chosen, but to give you an idea, our bracelets tend to vary from around £35 through to £65.

So, in a nutshell, the best way to figure out the cost is to check out our current chain menu or get in touch and we can talk you through your options – and of course, you are always able to book an appointment for your welded jewellery with us directly through our website.

If you’ve had enough of reading and want to go for it, the good news is that we’re ready and waiting! Whether you’re a welded jewellery newbie or you’re looking to add to your collection, we’ve got you here at B51.