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Welded Bracelet Aftercare Tips

You’ve had your welded bracelet courtesy of B51 (welcome to the club)! So what’s next? Now it’s time to look after it.

Our welded bracelets have natural staying power, but taking care of them correctly will help to extend the amount of time they last. Of course, the appearance of your bracelet will vary on the metal used and the person wearing it – some lucky people will find they rarely need to clean their chain… or they never need to!

The good news is that our high-quality chains are really easy to care for. And if they could do with a little bit of a spruce up? No problem! Here are some of our top welded bracelet aftercare tips. Perfect for when your bracelet needs a little bit of TLC… and keeping your chain shiny and fabulous at all times!

Tip number 1:

Clean your bracelets regularly. We suggest around once a month, and cleaning with some soap and warm water will likely do the job. Just make sure to dry your chain afterwards to avoid any soapy build up!

Tip number 2:

Got a silver or gold polish cloth to hand? Try using this on your chain(s), to keep them sparkling!

Tip number 3:

Chain made of sterling silver? Read on… To begin, put on a latex glove to protect your skin. Then gently roll your bracelet over the top of the glove (a latex glove or similar is advised here to allow space for the chain to be moved) and apply some silver dip liquid with a toothbrush using brush strokes.

Silver dip liquid, as the name suggests, can be a little runny, so apply over a sink/bowl to catch any excess silver, and make sure your hand is pointing downwards so it doesn’t end up running up your arm!

Then all you need to do is wash your bracelet with soap and warm water and dry it – simple!

Please note this method is only suitable for solid sterling silver chains, as opposed to plated chains.

Tip number 4:

Opting for a 14K gold filled chain? Then this is the tip for you. In this instance, get a glove and apply a paste made from a combination of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.

Just as with the previous method, use a toothbrush to apply and once the chain is covered, gently scrub in the mixture to ensure full coverage. Then just leave for around 10 minutes or so before rinsing off with dish soap and warm water before drying.

This technique is also suitable for use with sterling silver bracelets.

Tip number 5:

Fitness fanatic? When playing sports, or at the gym, apply some micropore tape over your bracelet to protect it. Then once you’ve finished all you need to do is gently remove the tape.

Tip number 6:

If you’re a fan of fake tan, make sure to place a strip of clingfilm on your arm and roll your chain loosely inside it before application. This protects the chain from getting covered in tanning products and can be removed once you’re finished. Just make sure you don’t roll it too tightly, or else you’ll find it difficult to remove your bracelet once you’re done – trust us on this!

Tip number 7:

And finally, arguably the most important tip of them all – enjoy your B51 jewellery! Simple as that!

If you have any questions regarding your welded bracelet aftercare, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you want to book in to get your own bracelet? Just click the link here. Alternatively, you can also send us a message.